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We work with data driven prototyping and design to help you with digital transformation and faster innovation.


1. Analyze it

The era of guesswork is over. Our prototyping and digital design is data driven in order to help you make the right decisions faster. And to increase the speed of your digital development.

1. Define business related KPI:s
2. Tag behaviours in your digital channels
3. Analyse the data and define problems
Prototype it

2. Prototype it

Instead of coming up with solutions to your problems and implementing them, it's much faster to develop prototypes that you test. This way we find the solution that work best before implementing it full scale.

1. Formulate hypotheses
2. Develop a prototype to validate each hypothesis
3. Use the minimum amount of resources possible
Test it

3. Test it

Different hypothesis and prototypes require different ways of testing. Sometimes a user test is the fastest way to validate a prototype and sometimes a live traffic test is best. The former answers the question 'Why?' and the latter 'What?'.

1. Choose the most effective way of testing
2. Perform the test
3. Analyse the results and learn from them

This is what we do

Digital transformation

Feed your digital speed

For a majority of public companies, digital transformation is now one of three focus areas. For many, it's the most important area in order not to get its business disrupted. Instead of having a technical approach, we focus on increasing the speed of digital development within the organisation. Partly by setting up workflows based on value chains that deliver on customer needs. And partly by creating virtual, cross-functional teams.


If you build it they will come

Today, digital strategy is all about two things: Which digital products do you need to focus on developing? And how do you give yourself the capabilities to increase the speed of the right digital development? We help you answer these questions, both in terms of transforming the way you work and by defining and - if needed - helping you to develop the API:s you need.


The real deal

Some like to complicate analytics and to shroud it in mumbo-jumbo that supposedly only a select few can understand. Instead, we employ a very direct approach. Start by defining KPI:s that are connected to a) your business goals and b) to your customers' needs. Then repeatedly measure the digital behaviours connected to those KPI:s. The gaps between your goals and the behaviours in your channels define the problems you should focus on.


Fail fast, succeed sooner

From a focus on singular, 'big' ideas to an understanding that it's the speed of innovation that is key in a digital world. We help organisations to implement continuous innovation, switching from working in long, monolithic projects to short batches. And by using prototyping to rapidly develop, test and iterate ideas instead of trying to come up with the perfect solution from the start.


Let the users decide

It should come as no surprise that we like to throw away old theories of *'good UX'* and instead work solely with data-driven user experience development. Our analytics define problems that the customers have and then we *don't* come up with solutions. Instead, we test prototypes and based on the results of those tests, we help you to implement the solutions that really work.


Experience is key

Too much time is spent on digital design that the customers throw one glance at - and then they leave. That's why you need to define the phases of your customer's decision journey and make sure that the needs of each phase are fulfilled. We help you design customer experiences that convert visitors to customers.


< From back to front />

When people ask us how much time we spend on development, we like to answer 'as little as possible'. But that is actually more of a point we want to make. How many resources should you put behind developing a prototype? Not more than you need to validate your hypothesis. But you also need to develop capabilities to work with and test prototypes. Our approach is totally platform agnostic. And if you don't have them yet, we help you develop the API:s you need to build a smart digital ecosystem. And to be able to deploy prototypes rapidly. Also, for most clients, we integrate with their internal development teams where we typically deliver front-end code while they do the back end.


Driven by Data

Since we live in a digital world, it's weird *not* to work with data-driven communication! This includes the ability to develop several prototypes of your communication and test which one works best. As well as letting user behaviour control what communication they are served. Another perspective is the customer experience and how important a role communications play in it.

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